Rebuilds & Renovations

We customize you caravan completely with a new layout and furniture designed to your personal touch. Create more interior space with stylish design and modern décor. New outside kitchen units for comfortability to access your camping gear from the outside. We do renovations on your old caravan with all the bells and whistles for you holiday home away from home.


We changed the interior to suit your needs and install a new refrigerator or microwave oven. Increase your bed size with new mattress or increase the work surface to remove the sink and stove and replaced with an induction stove. We do air conditioner installation on all caravans.

Water damage / Wood rot

We repair all water damage around windows, roof section, side panels, front and rear panels. The quote will depend primarily on the amount of damage in the panels or roof.


We changed the interior decor, upholstery and curtains with matching bedding. We use quality fabric and also replace the sponge if necessary. There is also an option to replace the caravan’s interior wall panels with wallpaper if it is damaged or if you once again want to change the overall décor for a fresh look.

Popup Roof

We repair or replace your caravan’s popup roof surround if necessary; holes in the surround can cause water damage to caravan with rain. We also replace the shocks if the roof is hard to handle, it can also be dangerous if the shock absorbers is warned out.

Service and Reseal

It is very important to check your caravan before you to leave for your holiday destination. This will save you money and inconvenience to make sure your caravan is ready for the road. We check the caravan and ensure the mechanical and electrical operation is in order. Regularly resealing your caravan is crucial and prevent your caravan from water damage that can be costly to repair.


We repair 12v / 230v supply panel and make sure all the electrical equipment is in working order. We also repair your caravan 's original refrigerator if repairable. We install multi plugs and additional power plugs with USB ports. We also replaced the lighting with LED lighting and reading lamps.

Canvas Tents & Parts

We manufacture canvas ripstop full tents, rally tents, multi-rooms and roof surrounds. We stock all tent parts and poles.

Used Renovated Caravans For Sale

We offer quality used and renovated caravans for sale. All our used caravans will be reseals and serviced before collection.